Matt Babine’s Dojo Sante

Sensei Matt Babine owner of Dojo Sante that offers Kick Boxing Classes, Martial Arts, Kempo, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu. Sensei Matt Babine has been studying and teaching martial arts for over 25 years. He holds black belts in both Kempo Karate and Tae Kwon Do, and is a 4th degree in Tae Kwon Do along with 2 world championships He has been extremely fortunate to study under a number of superb teachers, including: Sensei Lou Hopkins, Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee; Master Seroj Bejanian, martial arts world champion and movie actor; Billy Blanks, winner of multiple karate world championships and founder of Tae Bo; Sifu Yao Li, founder of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute.

Dojo Sante Anti-Bullying Campaign

Little Ninjas

Our Little Ninjas program (ages 3 to 5)
is specifically geared toward preschool-age children. Little Ninjas serves as an excellent introduction for young children to the martial arts but also teaches them many valuable skills as they prepare for Kindergarten and beyond. Our children learn crucial listening skills and develop their focus, self-discipline and self-control. Because their attention span is still somewhat limited, the class is fast-paced and extremely energetic. And the best part is our kids have so much fun that they’re excited to come to every class!

Junior Beginners

Our Junior Beginners (ages 6 and up)
class features exciting karate training for beginning karate students ages 6 and up. Each child in this program will: Develop confidence, self-discipline, respect, focus, tenacity. Develop good fitness habits that will last a lifetime. Learn the importance of valuing their minds and bodies. Develop valuable self-defense skills. Learn how to deal with bullies peacefully. Junior Advanced
For advanced students, at rank of purple belt and above.

Comprehensive Martial Arts

Comprehensive Martial Arts training for beginners through black belt. Our unique system combines kempo, kung fu, jiu jitsu, freestyle boxing and more into a complete program that builds strength and endurance, self-discipline and self-esteem, while also teaching self-defense skills. Our program has named one of the Top Twenty Karate Programs in the world by Sport Karate Magazine.

Thai Kickboxing Classes

Thai Kickboxing is a unique program that is based on realistic Martial Arts. This workout will challenge your entire body all the while teaching you practical punching, kicking, and self-defense techniques.